About Studio Ten

About Studio TenSteve and Fiona McKillop set up Studio Ten in a small shop in Ballito in 1999. Today they have a 500sq.mt showroom in THE UNION TILES Building in Moffatt Street in Ballito. Theirs is a highly personalized business which they have built over the years with passion and pride, always concerned with assisting every individual in whatever way, and committed to change and service!

Steve, an accountant who spent 18 years travelling in international marketing, heads up the business and administrative arm of the business. He has been the visionary regards the growth of the area and the expansion of the business.

Fiona was a school teacher for some years before being lured into sales and marketing. She then decided to hone her various skills and her creative passion, together with her love for sewing and keen eye for fabric and colour, and venture into the clothing industry.

After marrying Steve they decided to combine their skills and start a business, They were led to Ballito by an astute friend, and Studio Ten was born. Backs to the wall, and with hard work and sheer dedication, they pride themselves in their referral base and stunning big showroom— out of which they deliver fine curtaining and upholstery work from a team that today comprises two curtain workshops and four talented upholsterers. They have their own excellent fitters, and dedicated showroom staff. They could not have achieved their goals without the support of their entire team!

About Studio TenIn 2010 they partnered with Hanno Schubel, BLINDS ALL OF THEM – and added his blind gallery to the business. Blinds are trending more in contemporary homes, and Hanno is an expert in his field. He has been in business in Ballito since 1989 and is well respected for his expertise, technical skill, flair and service. The gallery showcases a wide range of indoor and outdoor blinds, and keeps abreast of trends.Fiona set out to do a decorating course, but says she has learned most from experience, her talented clients, and being in and out of homes on a daily basis. She thrives on change and follows the trends by seeing the representatives from the various fabric houses regularly, and going to various fabric launches and decorating shows .

Studio Ten houses the WIDEST range of sampling on the North Coast of KZN. The bigger showroom has enabled them to showcase wallpapers, loose carpets, individual scatters exclusive to their shop, and various pieces of furniture and decorating effects. They also offer an outstanding furniture painting service—don’t throw out favourite pieces, sandblast them, paint them, move them—be an individual! A home should be eclectic!

Call Fiona or Hanno for an appointment-they will gladly consult with you.